The Student
心動的感覺 (原文標題 ): L'Etudiante

1988 - France - 法國 - 103 - Comedy - French - 法國 - BIG5

導演: Claude Pinoteau - 哥迪比諾堤
劇作家: Claude Pinoteau, Danièle Thompson

蘇菲瑪素 Sophie Marceau as Valentine
雲遜連頓 Vincent Lindon as Ned
Élisabeth Vitali as Celine
Jean-Claude Leguay as Charly
Elena Pompei as Patricia
Roberto Attias as Philippe
Brigitte Chamarande as Claire


Three months before her final examinations, the ambitious teachership student Valentine concentrates herself completely on learning. When Jazz musician Edouard wooes her, she agrees on a date though - planning for one night of pleasure only. But when she comes to know him better, she realizes that he isn't as shallow as she thought... so lust turns to love. But between her examination preparations and a tournee with a jazz band almost no time is left to be spent together.

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Who is the hero/heroine (can be more than one)

d- 他的目標、志願、夢想及慾望為何
What is his/her goal, ambition, dream, desire?

e- 誰或什麼是和主角對抗的?
Who or what plays against it?

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故事 劇本 Story (Screenplay)
導演 Director
演出 Acting
攝影 Camera Work
燈光 Light Design
美術設計 Set Design
剪接 Editing
音樂 Music
聲音 Sound Track


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喜劇 Comedy
劇情 Drama
動作 Action
浪漫 浪漫愛情 Romance
幻想/科幻 Fantasy/Sci-Fi
社會寫實 Social Drama
其他 *Other


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