2002, 12', Color, Netherlands, No Dialogues

Esther Rots

A young woman on a boat ....  

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難以理解 Difficult to follow or understand
無聊 Boring
和我的生活、經驗、興趣相差太遠 Far from my life, experience, interests ...
過於複雜 Complex
超乎現實 Unrealistic
過於真實 Too Real
可怕的 Scary
太極端 Extreme
字幕欠佳 Bad Subtitles
其他原因 *Other

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問題 關於電影 Questions About the film

a- 故事何時發生? (請寫出年代例如1970年)
When this story takes place? (write dates: example 1970)

b- 誰是主角(可以多於一個)?
Who is the hero/heroine (can be more than one)

c- 他的目標、志願、夢想及慾望為何
What is his/her goal, ambition, dream, desire?

d- 誰或什麼是和主角對抗的?
Who or what plays against it?

最喜歡片中的什麼? What di you liked best:

故事 劇本 Story (Screenplay)
導演 Director
演出 Acting
攝影 Camera Work
燈光 Light Design
美術設計 Set Design
剪接 Editing
音樂 Music
聲音 Sound Track


印像深刻的情節 A sequence you remember:

本片該被定義為何種類型? What genre defines best this film

喜劇 Comedy
劇情 Drama
動作 Action
浪漫 浪漫愛情 Romance
幻想/科幻 Fantasy/Sci-Fi
社會寫實 Social Drama
其他 *Other


What the director and/or the writer wants to say in this film?

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