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01/01/2000 - USA - 美國 - 82 - Comedy - English - 美國 - BIG5
Paramount Studio -

導演: Douglas  McGrath - 德格拉斯麥基夫
劇作家: Peter Askin, Douglas McGrath
德格拉斯麥基夫 Douglas  McGrath as Alan Quimp
薛歌妮韋花 Sigourney  Weaver as Daisy Quimp
約翰特托羅 John Turturro as Crocker Johnson
伍迪艾倫 Woody Allen as Lowther
安東尼拉貝利 Anthony LaPaglia as Fidel Castro
Paul Guilfoyle as Officer Hickle
Jeffrey Jones as Sen. Biggs
中學教師艾倫(德格拉斯麥基夫飾)一次誤打誤撞協助了蘇聯芭蕾舞家(賴恩菲臘飾)變節到美國,中央情報局急於領功,竟招攬艾倫入伍, 但又怕其誤事,於是派他到當年CIA的廢柴集中地古巴。艾倫才剛抵步,隨即遇上卡斯特羅發動革命,展開其獨裁統治。 隊中超級愛國分子莊遜(尊托圖路飾)此時力說艾倫與他合力刺殺恐怖狂人邀功,旋即玩轉反美基地!

Denis Leary, John Turturro and Sigourney Weaver uncover the biggest laughs of the season in this sidesplittingly funny comedy about America's most unlikely secret agent. Allen Quimp (Douglas McGrath) is a nerdy, underachieving teacher with one, all-consuming dream: to rid the world of bad grammar. Unfortunately, Allen's dream isn't shared by his snooty wife (Sigourney Weaver) who believes Allen is one of life's losers. All that changes when Allen tells her a little lie - that's he's really a CIA agent, which he demonstrates by unwittingly orchestrating the defection of a Russian ballet star. Impressed by his work, the CIA actually recruits Quimp, dispatching him to 1960's revolution-torn Cuba. Surrounded by a cast of colorful characters including a dandyish ex-dictator (Alan Cumming), a loose-cannon spy (John Turturro) and Fidel Castro (Anthony LaPaglia), Quimp does his comic best to fight for democracy and proper grammar?

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故事 劇本 Story (Screenplay)
導演 Director
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攝影 Camera Work
燈光 Light Design
美術設計 Set Design
剪接 Editing
音樂 Music
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社會寫實 Social Drama
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